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Offsite Data Backup Free Trial

We're so convinced you will love our service that we're offering a free, 30 day trial including 1 Gigabyte of storage space. The software is super easy to setup too, just follow the instructions below. Please note that this is a no strings attached trial - no credit card required.

Operating SystemDownloadInstructions
Windows® 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 Windows Server 2008/2003/2000,
Windows SBS 2008/2003 & Windows EBS 2008
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RedHat Linux
RedHat Linux 8.0 and later, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Fedora core 3 and later,
CentOS 4.2 and later, SuSE Linux 9.x and Later
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Mandrake Linux
Mandrake Linux 10.0 and Later
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Debian Linux
Debian Linux 3.0 and later, Gentoo and Ubuntu 5.10 and later
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MacIntosh: PowerPC Macs
Mac OS X (for PowerPC Macs) 10.3.x & 10.4.x
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MacIntosh: Intel Macs
Mac OS X (for Intel Macs) 10.4.5 & above
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Want a free 1 month trial with more storage space?

No problem! Follow the setup instructions above, then sign up for one of the plans listed below. Your first month of service is free. Billing will start automatically after 1 month; you can cancel anytime before that and pay nothing.

The following pricing is per computer, for desktop computers. Additional charges apply for servers, exchange, SQL and MySQL backup.

10 Gigabytes of Secure Storage: $5/month Sign up!
20 Gigabytes of Secure Storage: $10/month Sign up!
30 Gigabytes of Secure Storage: $15/month Sign up!

Please use one of the above plans for your trial. If you need more space you can signup for one of the following plans. Billing begins immediately:

60 Gigabytes of Secure Storage: $30/month Sign up!
100 Gigabytes of Secure Storage: $60/month Sign up!

Need more than 100 Gigs of Secure Storage? Need to backup Servers, Exchange, SQL or MySQL? Email us for a quote!

hint: you can right click on a folder and hit properties to see how much space it takes up on your hard drive. This will give you an idea how much storage space you need.

Have Questions? Need help choosing a plan?

You can contact us tollfree at 1-888-799-DATA (1-888-799-3282)
Or by email: sales @ offsitedatabackup dot ca

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